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Pack Hikes


Is your dog bored at home during the work week? Would they enjoy being part of a pack? Is your dog off-leash reliable & E-Collar trained?

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About Our Hikes

Our pack hikes are based out of Middlesex County. All of the dogs in our pack are well balanced & friendly & have gone through an off-leash E-Collar program. We are open to accepting dogs that might need a bit more socialization & we do accept dogs that can be nervous around others, so long as they are muzzle trained & wear a basket muzzle during our journey to and from the trails as well as on the hike. Our pack size, on average, is a smaller pack around 5-8 dogs. Transportation to and from the trails is provided, just leave out anything your pup may need such as a fully charged E-Collar, leash, and a towel to be wiped down before being dropped off. Our pack leader is very experienced in managing multiple dogs of all personalities & will be maintaining structure & training whilst hiking. 

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