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Available Classes


Mini Educator E-Collar
Training Package

E-Collar conditioning

& training using the

Mini Educator E-Collar. 

Awesome for behavior modification, confidence building, off-leash reliability, & so much more.   

3 classes included...... $350

*price does not include travel fees or e-collar system

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Puppy Day Camp

Available to puppies, under

6 months old, within 10 miles

of our home base. Puppies will

be picked up & dropped off,

and stay with me from 10am-2pm. Puppies will learn impulse control, foundational basics, potty training, and more, 3 days a week (Monday, Wednesday & Friday), for 2 weeks. Upon completing their training, puppies will have a graduation session in their home with their family. 

6 Day Sessions & 1 Graduation Session......$800

French Bulldog

Day Training

Available to dogs over 6 months 

of age that have been previously

trained by Bark Basics.

Day Training is a refresher course

to sharpen your dog's current skills and work through any new behaviors. Behaviors including reactivity, place & off switch, leash manners, structured socialization, recall, E-Collar, and more. 

Dogs will be dropped off by their owners and brought back home by me at the end of the day where we will have our hour-long, in-home, session. 

Dogs must be comfortable being crated. 


 1 Day Session & 1 Hour Home

Session....... starting at $250

Dog at the Beach
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