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Bark Basics Products

Favorite Tools 

...and links to purchase!

Educator E-Collars by E-Collar Technologies

The Mini Educator has 100 levels of stim-- a muscle stimulant (the same technology as a tens unit!)

Used as a Plan B to keep your dog safe when off leash, used to help with a number of behavioral concerns, and more. Fully waterproof and holds a good battery, and is equipped with a flashlight setting, vibration & tone settings. 

The Mini is used for Medium- XL dogs & has a range up to 1/2 mile.

The Micro is used for dogs 25lbs or less & has a range up to 1/3 mile.

Mini Educator (for Medium- XL dogs):

Micro Educator (dogs under 25lbs):

Stewart Freeze Dried Beef Liver


Wondering what I use for treats? It's no secret that I am picky about what I feed my own dogs so you know I'll only feed yours the best as well! One ingredient, packed full of good stuff for your dog, and super high value. You can feel good about using these for training. I cut mine up pretty small-- they WILL work for a crumb of this stuff! The left over powder at the bottom of your container can be used as a tasty food topper or you can re-hydrate it and spread it onto a licki-mat or stuff it into a Kong. I get mine in massive barrels but you can get yours in any size you'd like. They also offer other flavors like Salmon, duck, chicken, and more.

Stewarts Freeze Dried Beef Liver:

K9 Connoisseur Beef Lung Bites

One ingredient, healthy, crunchy, high value dog treat. I cut mine up super small to use as training treats. These treats are slowly becoming my preferred training treat as they are less crumbly than liver treats, a tiny bit less expensive, and slightly lower odor. 5 Star rating from me and my gang! As usual, I buy massive bags of these treats but they are available in smaller bags. 

Beef Lung Bites:

Raised Dog Bed


Raised dog beds are great for practicing the place command as the added height creates a really clear boundary. These beds are great for all breeds, are super durable, and can be used outside & rinsed off easily if ever dirty. Place a plush bed on top or purchase a soft cover for added comfort.

Raised Cot Bed:

Wire Crate with Divider

A durable, collapsible, wire crate can be a life saver. Crate training your puppy is so important & having a crate that can grow with your pup is just as important. 

Dog Crate w/ Divider:

Immune System Boosting Supplements


Immune system boosting supplements are so needed right now with this virus going around. As it creeps it's way closer to NJ, it's important we protect our dogs as best we can. This starts with limiting any and all interactions with other dogs at dog parks, on walks, etc. As well as keeping them healthy. Staying at an active, healthy weight, eating a good diet full of fresh foods, ideally feeding a balanced raw diet, or topping their food with healthy additives, and of course, adding in supplements. Linked below are two options, one a powder to sprinkle over their food, the other being a dropper that can be added to food or administered directly. 

Powder Supplement:

Dropper Supplement:

Water Buffalo Horn


Durable, long- lasting, chemical-free, and preferred over plastic bones by most dogs. Medium & Large dogs should get the large size, small dogs buy the medium size. I consider these to be "crate safe" meaning your dog can chew on these without supervision. 

Buffalo Horn:

Classic Kong


Classic Kong toys are great for teething puppies & enrichment. They are dishwasher safe & I like to pack mine with "liquid" and "solid" items and pop them in the freezer. Skip out on the treats they sell to stuff in the Kong and use things you have around the house: kibble, wet dog food, raw dog food, mashed banana, peanut butter, mashed potatoes, baby food, plain greek yogurt, hard treats, pumpkin, berries, and more. Mix and match for variety. I recommend buying 1 size up so you have more room to fill them. I consider these to be crate safe. 

Classic Kong:

Flirt Pole


The flirt pole is a super fun game you can play with your dog. I highly recommend playing outdoors, in dry grass. Avoid lifting the toy off the ground-- it should mimic a rabbit. Allow your dog to catch the toy & thrash around a little bit before asking them to drop it. Practice obedience and basic commands while playing to help work on impulse control. 

You can make your own flirt pole at home with some 3/4" PVC and some rope or a broom stick & a rope. 

Replace the toy on the end with a stuffingless stuffy toy if your dog prefers. 

Flirt Pole:

Bully Sticks


Bully Sticks are a great chew for teething puppies or a treat for older dogs. These should be given when supervised, so I don't advertise them as "crate safe". These are a healthy alternative to many of the garbage treats on the internet and in stores. Bully Sticks are high value, high protein, and help keep teeth clean. Some Bully sticks are quite skinny so these are easy to chew through quickly. Linked below are more durable ones I offer my dogs.

Bully Sticks:


Himalayan Yak chew

Similarly to Bully Sticks, Yak chews are a healthy alternative to many of the garbage treats in the dog world. These are a cheese chew that are long lasting and high value. They are not "crate safe" by my standards and you should supervise your dog while they enjoy. Yak chews are great for puppies and keeping teeth clean. When the treat becomes small, soak in water & microwave for a few seconds to create a cheese "puff" for zero waste. 

Himalayan Yak Chew:


Treat Pouch

A few things I look for when choosing a treat bag are capacity, drawstring to close the bag, a waist strap option, storage for poop bags, storage for keys/ business cards/ cellphone. There are a ton of different treat bags on the market, including silicone ones that are easy to clean. 

Treat Bag:

Some More Faves...

Herm Sprenger Prong Collar

No, not all training tools are created equally. This is the only brand of prong collar I keep in my trainer tool box. These come in a few different sizes. The prong size is mainly based on your dog's fur thickness. The thicker the fur, the larger the gauge. Most dogs will use a size 2.25. You may need to add or remove links to find that perfect fit. Dogs with thicker coats: Huskies, Chows, Malamutes, Shepherds, will usually use a size 3.0. Dogs that are XXL also use a 3.0: Great Danes, Mastiffs, Large Rotties, & Large Pitties. The collar should fit high on the neck and be decently snug so it does not slide down the neck. These collars MUST be conditioned so your dog understands how to shut off the pressure. You should NEVER have this collar sit low on the neck, do not leave this collar on unless supervising your dog, & you should never use this collar with a retractable leash. 


Hurtta Dog Coats

I'm a big fan of keeping my dogs warm  dry in the winter. For the best fitting coat, check out Hurtta America. Their coats allow full range of motion and can easily be layered. Definitely worth the extra money, believe me. They offer different levels of warmth & different fits so you can find your perfect match. Even Dachshunds & Sighthounds will fit these coats.


Stuffing-Free Plush Toys

Stuffing-free toys are great for puppies or smaller dogs to practice engaging in tug time with their humans. They are long enough that kid's fingers stay away from puppy's teeth & are very fun and inviting for dogs. I recommend keeping these toys in a safe location until YOU are ready to play. These are not left with your dog 100% of the time to maintain their value.

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