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Unleash the joy of exploration with this 15-foot dog leash, designed to give your dog the true feel of freedom while keeping them safe and secure. It is an essential tool when working on off-leash skills or recall.

This two-part system includes the 15 ft drag line and a detachable handle that doubles as a keeper for the leash when not in use. Lightweight, durable, waterproof, stinkproof, and easy to clean. 


Comes in two sizes. Size small intended for dogs 25lbs and under.

Bark Basics Long Line

    • 15 feet long
    • Waterproof & Odor resistant 
    • Durable for large dogs, yet lightweight for littles
    • Easy to clean
    • Detachable handle 
    • Handle doubles as a leash keeper 
    • Handle doubles as a traffic leash/ leash tab for larger dogs
    • Available in 2 sizes
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